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This is the place for all fans of mouse guns and Saturday night specials!
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Hello Everyone! I've been meaning to get this forum up and running for a long time now, but never seemed to have the chance. Now's the time so here it is. I wanted to have a place here on the On Target website for all those interested in small, affordable and easy to own guns. There are a lo... 2 47
by Don
In the hands of the right person a Saturday Night Special can be much more. Remember that not everyone can afford a $600.00 wonder nine or even one of the lesser expensive military surplus weapons on the market today. But they still need something to protect life, limb and the property around th... 2 38
by John@OT
Anyone that knows me can honestly say that I am not a gun snob. I enjoy owning and shooting all kinds of guns: big ones, small ones, quiet ones, loud ones, expensive ones and CHEAP ones. When the summer time comes around, I like to travel light especially if I'm outdoors with the kids. My helper... 1 2
by John@OT
Hello... Here is your chance to post for others to see those firearms considered "Mouse Guns". A mouse gun is not necessarily a handgun that can be labeled a Saturday Night Special, but in general the majority of Saturday Night Specials can be labeled a "Mouse Gun". Thi... 4 58
by On Target LLC
We have a place to share the pictures of the "Mouse Gun" or "Saturday Night Special" you might own. Here we are asking for your thoughts and ideas about these same weapons. We know they are not made of the best materials but here is your chance to sound off with how you think... 1 32
by John@OT
I am sure that most have some sort of an idea as to what a "Mouse Gun" is. For the most part we might consider a 'Mouse Gun" in the calibers of .22Lr, .25acp, .32acp and .380acp. But when you consider that a "Mouse Gun" could be a pocket derringer you could very easily c... 1 17
by John@OT