Private Gun Instuction

Posted by On Target LLC On Target LLC

We get people with no shooting experience that want to jump straight to taking a concealed carry permit class, but for new shooters that's not the most advisable thing. In the pic above, the young man just finished an entire lesson at the range. He was very nervous and had to warm up, but he wasn't a first time shooter. Rather, he hadn't shot a handgun in a quite a few years. He took our FREE "Introduction to firearms and safety" class and came back for "one on one" live fire training. He applied all of the FREE courses safety rules and shot safely the entire lesson. He shot five pistols of various calibers ranging from .380acp to .45acp. By the end of his shoot he had remarkably improved on his marksmanship, but I recommended that he go to the range some more and continue to practice alongside some dry fire practice to accent his training. As with most inexperienced shooters, he had a "flinching" problem, but the dry fire practice he'll b4e doing will help to eliminate it.
With our hands on private instruction, an inexperienced shooter will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship the proper way and will have one on one guidance while shooting. This is incorporated with exercises that can be used to train at home. Our goal is to have each and every new shooter and those that feel they need some help with their aim  improve and succeed.