Pistol Cleaning: Semi-Auto Pistol

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Pistol Cleaning: Semi-Auto Pistol

On Target LLC
Most people know they should clean their guns the same day they shoot, but that rarely happens. There are always a million other things we'd rather do or have to do.... like watch TV. If you make it a point to get into the habit of cleaning your guns right away, you'll always have a clean gun because you won't wind up putting it off another day over and over again. It's a lot easier to clean the gun because the funk and grimies haven't started to harden and cake up on your gun that bad yet. The dirty stuff is still soft and juicy if you know what i mean! So break out the cleaning supplies and start tearing the guns apart and get busy.
I shot my personal carry gun this evening and when I got home I set myself to the task of cleaning it. If I shoot one of my "extra" guns... it isn't as bad to let it slip to the next day or two for cleaning, but the gun I trust my life to on a daily basis HAS to be ready and able at all times and being ready means CLEAN and properly LUBED!

I sat down with my new cleaning accessory kit and a can of RemOil, Hoppes #9 solvent and Hoppes #9 copper solvent. I also had my stainless detail brush and a nylon cleaning brush on hand with a whole stack of paper napkins (I usually use  the soft blue shop towels at the shop, but i did this at home).

These are some areas you want to make sure you get to when cleaning your semi-auto. This was just a basic cleaning so I didn't break the gun down any further than popping the slide off and removing the barrel.

Using your nylon brush clean the outside of the slide, the outside of the barrel and the inside areas that you can reach on the frame. Don't forget to catch the frame rails too. Of course the barrel ,bore needs to be cleaned as well:
**All cleaning rod procedures should have rod entering rear of barrel through the chamber towards muzzle**
Run a patch with powder solvent down the barrel - 8 strokes
Run another patch with solvent and follow up with one dry patch
Soak a bore brush with copper solvent and make up to 8 strokes through the barrel and let it sit for a minute
Pass the bore brush with some more copper solvent through the barrel with up to 6 to 8 strokes
Run a patch with bore cleaner (or gun scrubber type solvent) or light oil/cleaner (such as RemOil) through barrel
Spray cleaner/Oil (RemOil or equivalent) into barrel (spraying makes it easier)
Run clean, dry patches through bore (last patches should be clean and barrel should have a light coat of oil left in it)
Sometimes when i am using different cleaning accessories and products or depending on the gun I will use different techniques or different sequences, but the idea is to follow some basic guidelines. you'll develop your own techniques. No matter which way you clean your gun make sure that it is clean and lubed properly when finished. Also make sure to test the gun for function when you have it back together.
Ported guns get very dirty and crap winds up all over the place.

The bottom of the slide gets a lot of attention where all the brass accumulates. Use your stainless steel brush here to scrub the brass off.

Scrub-a-dub-dub... hit the inside of your slide real good with your nylon brush with a nice dose of solvent on it.
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Re: Pistol Cleaning: Semi-Auto Pistol

Kevin D.
thats a damn fine pistola you got there sir......
 ‎"its not the caliber, and its not the gun. its how well you perform, that completes the task at hand