Other applications for cryogenic processing

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Other applications for cryogenic processing

Cajun Cryogenics
There are many ways to take advantage of the benefits of deep cryogenic processing.
Woodworking, fabrication and machine shops can process items like blades, bits dies, knives, and other metal wear items to extend their life tremendously. One tree service is processing their carbide teeth on a stump grinder and saving $300 a month by doing so. The teeth last twice as long and for a small business savings like this adds up.  Bladed items that are used in wood products stay sharp 2-3x longer and can last 3-4x longer. One expense for wood working businesses is sharpening and cryo processing can cut the cost of sharpening in half or more.

Dies and moulds can benefit greatly and can last 2-10x longer after processing. Dies are a big expense for many businesses and they can last much longer after processing saving the business the cost of dies and downtime associated with replacing. In one test performed on S7 Connector Blanking Dies a untreated die needed re-sharpening after every 12,500 pieces cut, after cryogenic processing 37,000 pieces were cut before sharpening was needed, an increase of more than 3x. Another test on A9 Tool Steel Roll Form Dies showed that the lifespan before processing was 1.25 days of continuous use. After processing the lifespan was increased to 4 days of continuous use, an increase of more than 3x. These results are typical and can be reproduced on many dies and like items.

Cutting tools are a prime application. An aircraft engine manufacturer was using a T15, TiN coated premium drill bits to drill tight tolerance holes in an aircraft alloy. They could only get 15 holes before losing tolerance. A very inexpensive, off the shelf M3 drill bit was tried and wouldn’t produce one single good hole. After Cryogenic treatment and re-sharpening, this inexpensive bit produced an unprecedented 200+ holes before re-sharpening; the savings to the company was estimated at over $100,000 per year on this one application. Another test on a M4 Band saw blade showed an improvement of over 3x life span increase. M42 End Mills, TiN Coated lasted 2.8x longer after treatment and it keeps on going and going.

Many tools and other metal wear items will respond well but have yet to be treated or tested. Some of the information I have shared in this thread is from the book “Cryogenics” by William Bryson. He has conducted many tests and has some very useful information. Industry stands to benefit the most from this process and the savings is there for the taking. I as always, am willing process items for businesses to test for themselves before investing in deep cryogenic processing.

If anyone has a specific item and would like information on how it may react to cryogenic processing please feel free to ask. I may have research on the item or be willing to run a test to determine the benefits.
Thanks for your time,

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