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Yes... The .25acp in a revolver

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 2 comments
As most look at it the .25acp is not much of a cartridge. All to many think that the .25acp should just be done away with. However in Europe where calibers such as the .32acp and the .380acp are loaded to hotter specifications, so is the .25acp. Actually many do not even know that the .25acp is ...read more

The Real Assault Pistol

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 13 comments
In the early days when the one with the most firepower usually took the day the theory actually has not changed. The only thing that has changed is the package in which the firepower is stored. The below is just one way to make sure you have as much as you can get at the time you need it. If ...read more

Range time with the chronograph!

in The Range Report
by On Target LLC • | | 11 comments
We were at the range on 9/23/2010 and after our fun shooting, Kevin and I had to work. Dang it! We had to work with guns and shoot them.... it was sooooo hard and laborous. Oh well, it's a dirty job and someboday has to do it. We wanted to test some "Special" rounds and compare them to...read more

.25 acp - Originally Posted by Tye Wolfe - re-posted due to error

in Ammunition & Reloading
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
Original Post by: Tye Wolfe I have just recently decided to start reloading the .25acp cartridge. I know that this will be a rather daunting challenge and that few actually want to take up such a chore but I know it can be done. With the proper equipment, the right information and the knowled...read more

Rusted guns, hot shop and mayhem!!!

in The Daily Grind
by On Target LLC • | | 9 comments
Today was a hot one on the temp side of things. It was 100 degrees in the shop today and bot oh boy did it feel like 125. We had a very nice gentleman stop by today for us to take a look at some shotguns he had. He had seen us at the gun show in Kenner and wanted to bring some Katrina victims b...read more

What we're taking to the range and what we're shooting!

in The Daily Grind
by On Target LLC • | | 2 comments
On the day after tomorrow (Thursday 9/23) we'll packing the truck up again for another all day shoot fest. We're going to take pics and video so we can share here, and we'll also try to take notes so we can dish out details too. Some of the guns that the four of us will have out there: 2 Mos...read more

Federal Arms - H&K91 .308cal.

in The Armory - Project Guns, Repairs & Customizing
by On Target LLC • | | 29 comments
Okay, a lot of you have seen my newest fixer upper elsewhere in the forums, but now I'm starting a build up of it. First off, it is a FA-91 which is a H&K91 (or G3 if you prefer) clone by Federal Arms. I picked the gun up at the Gonzales, LA gunshow and bought it because I have been wantin...read more

Weapon Melting Points

in The Daily Grind
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 2 comments
Some time ago I read through a post by another where he had posted a question about states that had specific laws regarding the sale of handguns which had a specific melting point. I think there was a question specifically about Maryland and whether it has such a law. For some reason that questi...read more

Official "PIMP MY GUN" Contest - CLOSED

in On Target Contests & Giveaways
by On Target LLC • | | 92 comments
WELCO...read more

Paper I have killed!!!

in The Range Report
by On Target LLC • | | 12 comments
I customized two of these Taurus TCP's in .380, and one worked flawlessly and the other had mag related jamming issues which is common for these small guns. I used Winchester FMJ ammo and Fiochi FMJ. I rapid fired the pink menace at 5 yards and ten feet. These small guns definately take some g...read more

What Gun & What Caliber For You!

in The Mouse Trap - Small & Affordable Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 17 comments
I am sure that most have some sort of an idea as to what a "Mouse Gun" is. For the most part we might consider a 'Mouse Gun" in the calibers of .22Lr, .25acp, .32acp and .380acp. But when you consider that a "Mouse Gun" could be a pocket derringer you could very easily c...read more

On Target Range Trips

in The Range Report
by On Target LLC • | | 27 comments
This is a long running thread of posts that we will continue posting pics and info of our shooting trips...ENJOY! On Monday 9/13 Kevin LeBlanc and I (John Gauthier) went down to St. Bernard Parish for a shooting trip at the range. We were mainly testing out guns for "work" purposes,...read more

Jennings J-22 Before cracked slide. Sharp Shooters Indoor Range

in The Range Report
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 1 comment
These targets were shot during a range session I had with my Jennings J-22 "Mouse Gun" "Saturday Night Special" on November 16, 2009. All targets were shot at 7 yards off hand. The circle is 2 inch diameter . Targets are labeled.

THE RESURRECTION - Rohm .38 Special

in The Armory - Project Guns, Repairs & Customizing
by On Target LLC • | | 7 comments
I discovered this guns long forgotten resting place in the bowels of my shop. The customer asked me to throw it away once I told him it was a no go. We originally planned on throwing it away then I decided it would make a great trophy mounted on a plaque to be given away as a prize for our first...read more

CRYO MYTHS--good reading!

in Cryogenic Processing for Firearms
by Cajun Cryogenics • | | 17 comments
I read this on a competitors website and it really hit home, the web address is at the bottom of the page. 1. Freezing metal can't possibly change it. We hear this a lot, even from metallurgists. The reality of the situation is that many things can happen in the crystal structure as the temp...read more

Saturday Night Specials -- Give Us Your Thoughts

in The Mouse Trap - Small & Affordable Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 32 comments
We have a place to share the pictures of the "Mouse Gun" or "Saturday Night Special" you might own. Here we are asking for your thoughts and ideas about these same weapons. We know they are not made of the best materials but here is your chance to sound off with how you think...read more

Target Weapons "On Target"

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 27 comments
A target weapon is one of those things that just seems to interest everyone. All guns have a place in our hearts but an accurate one is one step ahead. Give us a view of those weapons you have that really show us what they can do. Target handguns and rifles seem to stand above the rest in those ...read more

Something Special

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 19 comments
Do you have a weapon that not many would have? Here is your chance to share with everyone that special or possibly just odd ball firearm. You would be amazed at some of the things the firearm industry has come up with in all the years of production. Things like semi-auto revolvers and revolvers ...read more

Welcome to our Forums Gun Pic Gallery - Let's get Nasty!

in Gallery of Guns
by On Target LLC • | | 82 comments
I'm starting this new Picture Gallery for the Forums off with a picture of my own. This is my personall carry gun for concealed carry. My wife once made the comment that we didn't have any blue guns to show for display. I had recently picked up the little Taurus PT-145 and thought "what t...read more

The Saturday Night Special is more than a Saturday Night Special

in The Mouse Trap - Small & Affordable Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 38 comments
In the hands of the right person a Saturday Night Special can be much more. Remember that not everyone can afford a $600.00 wonder nine or even one of the lesser expensive military surplus weapons on the market today. But they still need something to protect life, limb and the property around th...read more

Show Us Your Mouse Guns

in The Mouse Trap - Small & Affordable Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 58 comments
Hello... Here is your chance to post for others to see those firearms considered "Mouse Guns". A mouse gun is not necessarily a handgun that can be labeled a Saturday Night Special, but in general the majority of Saturday Night Specials can be labeled a "Mouse Gun". Thi...read more

Welcome all SNS and Mouse Gun Owners, Collectors and Fans

in The Mouse Trap - Small & Affordable Guns
by On Target LLC • | | 47 comments
Hello Everyone! I've been meaning to get this forum up and running for a long time now, but never seemed to have the chance. Now's the time so here it is. I wanted to have a place here on the On Target website for all those interested in small, affordable and easy to own guns. There are a lo...read more

Gun UNFRIENDLY Businesses!

in The Daily Grind
by Rachel@OT • | | 15 comments
There have been many attempts to list businesses that allow or do not allow guns on their property. This is for our website visitors, customers, students and friends to have a place to post and view businesses that are gun friendly or not gun fiendly. This list as the title indicates is for the ...read more

first gun coated by On Target

in Comments, Compliments & Complaints
by Kevin D. • | | 5 comments
Today at the gonzales gun show, i picked up my first gun that has been coated by On Target Guns. Its a beretta 92fs with a 3 tone paint scheme. I am more than pleased.Ii had spoken to John when he called to say it was finished, and he told me pictures were up on the website. Pictures were extrem...read more

My experiences with On Target

in Comments, Compliments & Complaints
by Matthew Estay • | | 0 comments
John at On Target has done three of my firearms. The first was my Savage Fox 20ga. side by side. The barrel was in pretty bad shape and was starting to pit in some areas. John took the gun and and cleaned it up inside and out &coated it in a tungsten ceramic coating. Now the gun looks as g...read more
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