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General Ammo Question

in Ammunition & Reloading
by LadyD2010 • | | 7 comments
Ok so I didn't see a place to put a general ammo question so I hope its ok that I created this one. So, being the new shooting person I do not know a whole lot about ammo. Basically, what I do know is that FMJ is used what I am supposed to use at the range and that otherwise I have hollow points...read more

Welcome to the Gun Show Baby.... FirePowerrrrr!! Boom, Boom!

in The Daily Grind
by John@OT • | | 19 comments
Today I worked my tables at the local gun show and it turned out to be one heck of a good day. We signed up a lot of concealed carry students and picked up two more ladies for the "Women Only" class we have coming up at the end of November. I sold a couple of guns and picked up a new...read more


in The Ladies Room
by John@OT • | | 29 comments
I have always customized guns for women. Maybe not as many as I do for the guys, but lately it has been picking up. I wanted to start this new thread for all the pretty guns we do. If we have any lady visitors to our forums we'd like them to be able to stop in here and check out the pretty stuff...read more

AR-15 Possibilities - an On Target build-up!!!

in The After Market
by On Target LLC • | | 6 comments
This is a Stag Arms AR-15 that is a pretty basic model with a flat-top receiver. It came to us stock and all black. The owner asked us to build him an affordable custom gun. With a flat-top there are more options for looks and change ups in optics. It has the standard plastic handguards and ...read more

Grips & Stocks

in The After Market
by John@OT • | | 1 comment
Today, gun owners have more options than ever before for upgrading, customizing, refinishing and repairing their firearms. We have a large pool of manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets to serve our needs. And, let's not forget all of the online stores we have on the internet. We really ...read more

Bios of On Target members, friends, customers, students and partners in crime!

in The Daily Grind
by On Target LLC • | | 45 comments
This is Will. He's a good friend, customer and student of On Target. He sent this picture in so everyone could see what he does to earn a living! Great job, Will! Keep up the wishful thinking and don't forget to wash your hands after handling all that long, hard pipe!

Taurus Millennium Pro PT-145 -- Movie Please Watch

in The Daily Grind
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 4 comments
On doing my usual scan for tid bits of information to be passed along I ran into this safety flaw with the Taurus Millennium Pro PT-145. One reason bring this up is because I know of a couple members here that own these weapons and wish no harm to happen to anyone. Knowing that the best safety t...read more

My two favorite military rifles that I own

in Military Weapons HQ
by On Target LLC • | | 5 comments
These are my two favorite military style weapons that I own. The Colt AR-15 has been with me for years and years and I could never part with it. The Federal Arms FA-91 is my newest assualt rifle and I like shooting it more than just about any gun I have. It's a close race between shooting the ...read more

Other applications for cryogenic processing

in Cryogenic Processing for Firearms
by Cajun Cryogenics • | | 0 comments
There are many ways to take advantage of the benefits of deep cryogenic processing. Woodworking, fabrication and machine shops can process items like blades, bits dies, knives, and other metal wear items to extend their life tremendously. One tree service is processing their carbide teeth on a ...read more

10/3/10 Birthday Range Trip!!

in The Range Report
by Kevin D. • | | 10 comments
Since i have a birthday coming up this week, wife "allotted" me some time this sunday morning to head to the range and put a few rounds through some paper. Shot a Beretta 92FS, and a recently acquired HK USP40 that i finally got to shoot. Used a Mixture of some Winchester White Box, a ...read more

Herter's Steel Cased Ammo

in Ammunition & Reloading
by Kevin D. • | | 13 comments
Bought a few boxes of this in 9mm and in .40 S&W from Cabela's a few weeks back. Finally got a little "me" time to hit the range. Shot the 9mm in my Beretta 92FS and it shot it well and had no problems whatsoever. Then I loaded up a few mags of the .40, and it went downhill from...read more

Friendly Gun Businesses - Give them your support!

in The Daily Grind
by On Target LLC • | | 8 comments
Rachel@OT Aug 08, 2010; 03:07pm Gun Friendly Businesses! Reply Threaded More Reply to author There have been many attempts to list businesses that allow or do not allow guns on their property. This is for our website visitors, customers, students and friends to have a place to post and...read more

Plinking Pistols

in The Rimfire Corner
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 3 comments
We all know the term and we all use it almost on a daily basis. I have 12 .22Lr revolvers, semi-autos handguns and rifles that at one time or another has been used for plinking. It is a fun way to join with friends and strengthen friendships. Not all of my .22lr's would normally be used for plin...read more

When small isn't small enough.

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 4 comments
Bague Pistolet a Broche in what I believe is 4mm pin fire.

Cobray Pocket Pal .22Lr & .380acp

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 1 comment
Another one of those multi-caliber guns that just seems to grab my interest. This is a little mouse gun that I would really like to have. Cobray Pocket Pal in .22Lr & .380acp

Who, What, When, Where and Why!

in GUN INSTRUCTION & Concealed carry
by On Target LLC • | | 3 comments
There are a thousand plus ways to start off on the topic of concealed carry. There are many experts, books, videos, blogs, forums, and opinions on the matter. So I decided to take the who, what, when, where and why approach. Heck this is the first post in this forum section, so I had to choose...read more

Monarch Ammunition

in Ammunition & Reloading
by On Target LLC • | | 8 comments
I purchased a large sum of Monarch ammunition for students to use in our classes. I picked it up because it was affordable, brass casings ammo. Affordable and reloadable..... how could you beat that? Well........ we had several calibers of it and let me tell ya'.... it shoots dirty. The residues...read more

Smith & Wesson Beakert Model .22Lr

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 1 comment
I think there may be more then one here that can recognize this little .22 rimfire. It is not a true Beakert as it does not fall within the proper serial number range but it has all the wonderful features the Philip Beakert suggested be placed in this wonderful S&W Hand Ejecter. Smith and...read more

Browning Hi Power Conversion

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 4 comments
I seem to like firearms that have the ability to shoot more than one caliber. Just like my Beretta 92FS my Browning Hi Power has been converted so it will also shoot 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG. The original chambering was .40 S&W allowing me to acquire drop in barrels in 9mm and .357 SIG....read more

Something in the Works -- Coolness factor 10

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 11 comments
NAA Break-top Coming Soon Sources at North American Arms says the break-top model will be coming soon. Below are some photos of the prototype. But we will see how it goes when I get my hands on one. I have always liked top break suicide specials. Hopefully I can get my hands on one when they ...read more

Processed guns and the results

in Cryogenic Processing for Firearms
by Cajun Cryogenics • | | 5 comments
The first gun I want to talk about is a lever action 45/70 I processed last week. This gun is stainless steel and has a 18in barrel. Before processing it would shoot a 3in group from 100yds and the owner was not unhappy with that because after all it did have a 18in barrel. After processing the...read more

An explanation of the process

in Cryogenic Processing for Firearms
by Cajun Cryogenics • | | 0 comments
Cryogenic processing in a nutshell is the improvement of metals and other materials by the use of ultra cold temps and extended time frames. Cajun Cryogenics uses liquid nitrogen as its agent to reduce the temperature of the item to -315F. It is very important that the temperature is reduced ...read more

Which way to go ? .17HMR, .22LR or .22 Magnum?

in The Rimfire Corner
by On Target LLC • | | 1 comment
Personally, I like the good old trusty .22LR round. I have shot it more than any other round over the span of my life. Even with today's economy, this cartridge is still CHEAP! That's why i shot it as a kid and why I continue to shoot it today. I have a .17HMR bolt action rifle in the safe and i...read more

The Cowboy

in The Range Report
by akakoa • | | 8 comments
Folks, Had a good time shooting at the range this weekend with my buddy Mark. Attached is a Cowboy who drew down on me at 15 feet. I put 10 .45 rounds in him. If you are ever attacked by a 8 1/2 X 11 inch cowboy you want me by your side. The other picture is of the Taurus .45 Mi...read more

Yes... The .25acp in a revolver

in Gallery of Guns
by Tye G. Wolfe • | | 2 comments
As most look at it the .25acp is not much of a cartridge. All to many think that the .25acp should just be done away with. However in Europe where calibers such as the .32acp and the .380acp are loaded to hotter specifications, so is the .25acp. Actually many do not even know that the .25acp is ...read more
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