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CETME .308 Build-Up

in The Armory - Project Guns, Repairs & Customizing
by John@OT • | | 5 comments
One of our police officer customers brought us a most gloriously banged up beater of a Century Arms CETME in .308 caliber. It had the wooden stocks on it and looked like either a ten pound sledge hammer or an M1 Abrams tank got ahold of it.... well, looking at at first glance it doesn't look tha...read more

Pachmayr slip on grip for Glock 17

in The After Market
by John@OT • | | 4 comments
I have tried a Hogue slip on grip on my XD40 and never had too much issue with it moving around on my gun. I knocked it around sometimes and had to straighten it, but it wasn't very often. I switched recently to a Glock 17 as my concealed carry gun and decided to try the Pachmayr slip on grip. I...read more

Mouse Gun TWINS

in The Mouse Trap - Small & Affordable Guns
by John@OT • | | 2 comments
Anyone that knows me can honestly say that I am not a gun snob. I enjoy owning and shooting all kinds of guns: big ones, small ones, quiet ones, loud ones, expensive ones and CHEAP ones. When the summer time comes around, I like to travel light especially if I'm outdoors with the kids. My helper...read more

My NEW Glock

in Gallery of Guns
by John@OT • | | 2 comments
Every now and then, I get the urge to own another gun. For me, it happens quite often. I guess I wouldn't be much of a gun enthusiat if I didn't. I have my own unique tastes when it comes to firearms and what I'm in the mood for varies from time to time. I have been carrying a ported Springfield...read more
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