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My Father's Day Gift!!!

in The Black Powder Den
by John@OT • | | 0 comments
My girls gave me a few gifts for Father's Day and my favorite was a muzzle loader start up kit. Now I can't wait to get to the range and put it to use. I'll be using Pyrodex for my first time firing my Bobcat. The kit comes with a lot of goodies and some or for an inline gun. My gun is a spani...read more

American Mosques: Terror's Headquarters

in News
by John@OT • | | 1 comment
"This is an article (too short for the subject it covers) that I found on TownHall.com. It covers how American Mosques are being used to spread a jihad mentality throughout the muslim community." ARTICLE: How’s this for a wake-up call: America’s most cherished c...read more

Business Owner Shoots Armed Robber and is Arrested for MURDER

in Gun Rights
by John@OT • | | 6 comments
This is a story about a pharmacist who shot one of the two armed thugs that attempted to rob his store. He was recently convicted of the murder of the suspect he shot. Please remember that with the way our country is headed, no innocent, law abiding citizen is safe from a prosecuter. We must...read more
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