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Remington .300 Win Mag Bolt-Action Rifle

in The Armory - Project Guns, Repairs & Customizing
by On Target LLC • | | 7 comments
I picked up a Remington bolt-action over the weekend. It's a new gun and has never had a shot fired through it other than the factory test shot. It's a model 710 which is a more affordable hunting version of the 700. It was designed be have less moving parts and be affordable enough for anyone t...read more

.50 Caliber BMG Rifle

in The Armory - Project Guns, Repairs & Customizing
by On Target LLC • | | 1 comment
Today a very large and very heavy fifty caliber rifle was dropped off to us for a complete workover and coating job. The gun is a Griffin and is no longer being manufactured. It's a single shot breech loader. This thing is built like a brick shit house. It does have some dings, dents and flaws w...read more

The NEW On Target Forums Look!

in On Target Announcements
by On Target LLC • | | 3 comments
We hope everyone likes the New look of our forum. You can scroll down and view all of our topics and can navigate the pages to find what you are looking for while seeing pics with the topics. Also, starting a new topic is easier with the new setup. Click on the "New Post" tab on the ...read more

Free Introduction to Firearm and Safety Class

in On Target Announcements
by On Target LLC • | | 1 comment
This is a group picture of our latest group who took advantage of On Target's FREE Introduction to Firearms and Safety Class. This class was held Wednesday march 23, 2011. They were a fantastic group and we enjoyed having them as students. We hope to see them all again. We schedule these cl...read more

First great experience with On Target

in Comments, Compliments & Complaints
by dave079 • | | 0 comments
Last week I dropped off my AR15 lower to John to get it re-coated. While I was there he had also suggested that I get my trigger pull smoothed out. I gladly said sure as you could definitely feel how rough it was even being that it was brand new from factory. A week later I went to pick it up. I...read more

Gun Safety - Hazards of Shooting at the Range

in The Range Report
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
There are a lot of details to cover when gun safety is discussed, but what about the hazards we face while at the range? I'm going to start with indoor ranges. I say it a lot... "people think indoor ranges are magical places where accidents do not happen"! I have been at the range a fe...read more


in Comments, Compliments & Complaints
by colt 45 • | | 0 comments
I just had by Baretta 92FS coated by On Target. I was so excited when I saw my gun! John has done an excellent job coating my Baretta. Everyone loves the coating on my gun. I knew that my gun was in the right hands. The hands of a perfectionist. John does quality work . No one can g...read more
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