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Holster Choices

in GUN INSTRUCTION & Concealed carry
by On Target LLC • | | 5 comments
For concealed carry permit holders there are quite a few options for how we want to carry our guns. Holsters are not all the same and there are good holsters and there are bad holsters. For many "new" permit holders the choice is not easy. Where do I want to carry my gun? What type of ...read more

Proper clothing for shooting at the range

in The Ladies Room
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
Hi ladies! Earlier today I fifnished up a full concealed carry permit class. We had one young lady in attendance with her husband. Normally I do not tell people in advance what type of clothing to wear to a gun range for shooting, but this young lady makes me feel like I should. Before anyone th...read more

Three Gun Action

in The Range Report
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
Last month I drove up to Mississippi with my helper Johnny to try out one of his favorite activities...3 gun matches! Now, Johnny doesn't compete in the sense of trying to win a match, he likes to shoot and shoot again at all of the targets on the field. I took my time so as not to commit an err...read more

Outrage in Canada

in Gun Rights
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
Once while cruising around on youtube, I found a few videos made by a then much younger Katey Montague. The youtube channel for her is titled kateysfirearmfacts. I suggest you all go and watch her videos. They are very well made and to the point. Katey's dad Bruce is a strong gun rights supporte...read more

A Restoration Gift

in Comments, Compliments & Complaints
by Kevin D. • | | 0 comments
Back in last September my wife and i decided to take her dad's little .22LR "Boat Gun" and have it restored for him as a christmas gift. We told him we were taking it just for a little work and he gladly gave it up. This gun was starting to show some metal damage from the salt water, ...read more

Three Gun Fun

in The Range Report
by On Target LLC • | | 1 comment
Today (Febuary 6, 2011) Johnny and I went to Mississippi to shoot in a three gun match... actually he practically forced me to go and he shot like he was in a match while I shot to learn the ropes. I did well on hitting my targets, but I took my time so I wouldn't mess up. Lemme' tell ya', there...read more

Picture Comments

in Comments, Compliments & Complaints
by Kevin D. • | | 1 comment
John is there any way in the photo gallery to have it set up for users to comment on the photos that are posted there? Instead of trying to post them in two different places and time being an issue, maybe if we could comment on those it may be easier.
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