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Steel Cased Ammunition

in Ammunition & Reloading
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
I have used Wolf brand ammunition for years without trouble, but I had only used it in my SKS or AK-47. I never tried steel cased ammo such as Wolf brand in any other gun until recently. A few weeks ago, I tried it in my AR-15 for the first time. My gun has been cryo'd and I figured it wouldn't ...read more

The Italian Job

in Military Weapons HQ
by On Target LLC • | | 2 comments
Jerry is posing with an Italian 6.5mm Carcano. The gun was brought in to us with three layers of shelac, laquer and stain on it's stock. The barrel and receiver were rusting and the rifle was as dirty as a Comedy Central comic's mouth at 3am on a Friday night. This gun is an exact copy of th...read more

The Small, Light Gun & You!

in The Ladies Room
by On Target LLC • | | 3 comments
Most times I hear women tell me that they want a small, light gun for concealed carry! And most of them turn to the latest small guns that the firearms industry has put out do to the demand for them. I sound like a broken record most times when I explain that smaller and lighter do not always ...read more
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