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Gearing up for reloading!!!

in Ammunition & Reloading
by On Target LLC • | | 2 comments
This weekend, while at the Gonzales gun show, I was working next to Mr. Mark of Waggenspac Guns (I think I have that speeled right). Mark is a very wise reloading expert and I have bought stuff from him over the years, but since I was right next to him (my wife and his wife Mrs. Beverly hatched ...read more

The Best Gun Product EVER!!!!

in Gun Cleaning and Maintenance
by On Target LLC • | | 2 comments
Well....... it may not be the best gun product ever, but it sure does come in handy at our shop. I have used many, many.... MANY products over the years and one of my favorites is definately REMOIL!!!!! RemOil comes in a green and yellow can from Remington. On the can it states that it contain...read more

Face Book

in The Daily Grind
by John@OT • | | 9 comments
On target is proud to announce the addition of its new FaceBook page! Please visit us there. We are trying to make sure that there are unique videos and photos that will be posted only on the new Facebook page. See you all there. Thanks!!!!! Just search "On Target" I'll try to in...read more


in Military Weapons HQ
by John@OT • | | 4 comments
My sister in law Meredith bought this gun awhile back and asked if we could work it over. We came up with a custom olive drab green metallic ceramic finish and applied it after the gun was cryo treated. The front quad rail is by Osprey and the gun has an ATI adjustable AR buttsock. A new rubberi...read more

Still freezing!

in Cryogenic Processing for Firearms
by Cajun Cryogenics • | | 1 comment
I thought I would pop in and let everyone know how things are going at Cajun Cryogenics. I have been processing many firearms along with the bits, blades and automotive parts I normally process. One of the latest firearms is a AR -10 I processed for a customer. He was shooting a 1-1/4" g...read more

Lights, Lasers, and Over-All Optics

in The After Market
by Kevin D. • | | 5 comments
With all of the many, many accessories available for just about any firearm, thought i'd ask what some of you use for optics, lasers, lights. Specifically what do some of you use on your home defense gun. A gun mounted light, or a separate light that you hold while checking the house with your f...read more

Women Only - Victim Prevention & Self-Defense Class

in The Ladies Room
by On Target LLC • | | 1 comment
On Sunday, November 28th, 2010, On Target has a Women Only Class scheduled to start at 9am. The class covers such topics as Self-Defense using "gross motor skills" defense, crime deterrence and prevention, legal aspects of use of violence for self-defense, strike zones and pressure poi...read more
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