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This is the place we are going to drop events, dates, who, what when, why and where, congrats, news & information and warnings! Please feel free to do the same. If you have a shooting match, meeting or anything of import you'd like to let everyone know about, please announce it here!
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We wanted to let everyone know that the On target stickers are in and ready to roll out. We'll have them available in the "On target Store" on the website, at the shop and at gunshows. Thanks to all of you who have been fussing at me to get off my butt and get some On Target mercha...read more
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih8Hfoy4QZ4&feature=player_profilepage That's right folks! We have finally finished up the details and have our youtube channel up and running. Our first video is a collection of scenes from our LEVEL ONE course. If you'd like to get in on our next Level One c...read more
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This is our new logo and we'd love to know if you like it. Let us know if you think the old logo should stick around, or maybe if you like one of my other NEW designs... I'll post them here for you all to check out. This is our old logo. We plan on keeping around as an "employee only...read more
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We have a LEVEL ONE class this coming Saturday and we still have a few spots available. Call us and find out the great deal being offered on this course. We cover the Combat Triad in this course: Marksmanship, Gun Hamdling and Mindset. This class will be the first to ever run our NEW and Imp...read more
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We hope everyone likes the New look of our forum. You can scroll down and view all of our topics and can navigate the pages to find what you are looking for while seeing pics with the topics. Also, starting a new topic is easier with the new setup. Click on the "New Post" tab on the ...read more
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This is a group picture of our latest group who took advantage of On Target's FREE Introduction to Firearms and Safety Class. This class was held Wednesday march 23, 2011. They were a fantastic group and we enjoyed having them as students. We hope to see them all again. We schedule these cl...read more
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