LEVEL ONE Class on April 9th, 2011 - Join Us There!

Posted by On Target LLC On Target LLC

We have a LEVEL ONE class this coming Saturday and we still have a few spots available. Call us and find out the great deal being offered on this course. We cover the Combat Triad in this course: Marksmanship, Gun Hamdling and Mindset. This class will be the first to ever run our NEW and Improved course which involves several stages of skill development and a final SOLO run to hone the new skill set you will aquire.

 LEVEL ONE classes do have equipment  and proper dress requirements to participate: :

Handgun of quality manufacture and working condition (Glock, Sig, Beretta, Springfield Armory, Colt and etc.)
3 magazines for semi auto (more preferred)
Speed Loaders for revolver (at least 3 preferred)
250 rounds or more of full metal jacket target ammo
Quality holster that locks or retains firearm by strap, button or latch. NO NON RETAINING HOLSTERS ALLOWED
Proper Belt for attaching holster to hip
Proper Eye and Ear protection (regular sunglasses are not sufficient) (polycarbonate eye glasses may be worn - NO Glass)
Full length pants with outside pockets such as tactical pants or cargo type. Blue jeans are acceptable. No Shorts
Proper fitting shirt. Button down, polo or t-shirt acceptable. No long, loose hanging shirts
Proper footwear. Tactical/military & hiking boots are acceptable as well as tennis shoes that have good grips on bottom of sole. No sandals, flip-flops or any open toe shoe is allowed.
Ball cap (optional)
Please bring a packed lunch and drinks due to lunch being taken at range. No leaving range until class finished