Free Introduction to Firearm and Safety Class

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Free Class Wednesday March 23, 2011

This is a group picture of our latest group who took advantage of On Target's FREE Introduction to Firearms and Safety Class. This class was held Wednesday march 23, 2011. They were a fantastic group and we enjoyed having them as students. We hope to see them all again.
We schedule these classes on Wednesday evening and start at 6:30pm. The class is approxiamtely two hours long, but usually run longer when the class gets involved and everyone has questions.
The topics we cover can sometimes differ due to class discussion based on the nature of the questions asked. We try to stick to the course material and discuss safety, handguns - both revolver and semi automatic including parts and function. Concealed carry is covered as well as a review of gun laws that deal with self defense. Plus we introduce our students to the fundamentals of marksmanship.
This class was developed to help beginners and first time gun owners. It is a good primer if you are interested in taking a concealed carry permit or if you are just considering the purchase of a handgun for home defense or target shooting at the range. We welcome all ages fifteen and up as long as those under eighteen have a guardian with them. Children under fifteen may be considered, but prior permission should be obtained.

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Free beginner gun safety class

This class is a great way to introduce beginners to firearms.  You will learn about semi-auto pistols and revolvers. On Target also will teach you how to operate correct gun safety and proper usage.  You will learn the laws in having firearms and when you can use it for self-defense.

I attend the class march 23, 2011.  I learned a lot of things I didn't really know about.  This class was fun and a great learning experience.  I recommend this class to everyone not just beginners.