First OFFICIAL On Target Stickers are HERE!!!

Posted by John@OT John@OT
On Target LLC Sticker

We wanted to let everyone know that the On target stickers are in and ready to roll out. We'll have them available in the "On target Store" on the website, at the shop and at gunshows. Thanks to all of you who have been fussing at me to get off my butt and get some On Target merchandise available. I promise that the new shirts will be coming soon! I'll have a lot of people chilling out once the shirts are available. I'm so glad that On Target has such interest and that so many of you would like to show your On target pride. I can't wait to see our stickers, shirts and even hats (coming soon too) everywhere! Our first shirt run will be black shirts with white graphics (like our On Target "staff" shirts), but we will be doing some olive drab, dark earth, pink, pink camo and woodland camo shirts too. We'd like to give a big thanks to all of our customers, students, friends and family who have helped On target to not only survive as a new business in this troubled economy, but also thrive and grow! thanks to one and all!