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Cryo testimonials and feedback

Cajun Cryogenics
If you have had an item cryogenically processed through On Target or Cajun Cryogenics please feel free to comment on the performance of your item after processing. I have included feedback from some of my customers to this point and would like to hear more.  



2ridgebacks offered to cryo a spyderco atlantic salt for me to test out.

he recommended it be sharpened afterwards for best effect, so i sent it off to spyderco.

there was no change in the appearance of the knife, and the handle seemed to not be affected.

i currently own 9 of the salt series knives and use them for work as a commercial diver.

i use them for cutting poly and Marline rope on deck, and cutting everything from rope to shrimp net.

i have put this knife thru hell since i got it back, testing just how durable the cryo process has made it.

its been used 4 times as heavily, and cut crap i normally wouldn't, like 1/8" ss wire, and heavy electrical wire.

so far the knife is still extremely sharp, if not quite factory edged.

i would never have expected the edge to last so long, especially considering the abuse i put it thru.

ill be having more knives put thru this process.



I'll start by saying I'm not a friend David Manchew. The first time I met him was when I brought him my rifle. I have a Marlin 1895gs 45/70. It has a 18.5" barrel.
It was shooting 3" groups at 100yds. I thought that those groups were reasonable considering it was a 45/70 lever gun with an 18" barrel. Anyways I had it Cryoed just to see. I was skeptical about the whole thing. The first thing I noticed after picking it up was the trigger. It felt much much better. I went and shot it today t sight it in again because I took the scope off to have it treated. Now I did not change anything about the gun. Same scope, rings, and ammo. (Hornady leverevolution 325 grain) Not handloads, these are store bought rounds. I shot 6 time at a 25yd target, 3 times at 50yds, and 3 shots at 100yds. The only cooling time I gave it was to walk down range to put a target up at 100yds. I did not have to make an adjustment after the 50yd target.
Now you can take or leave, I know I do not have before pics, only after. But the $75 dollars this cost me has been the best $75 I have spent in a long time. I have atatched pics of the 100 yd target fired at 3 times only. I am just presenting my own experience and not trying to start an argument. I am a firm believer now.
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I recently observed 2 shotguns shot at 75' before and after being treated and there were improvements in the pattern. David has the before and after targets and I am waiting for him to discuss the results.



David has done a pistol and rifle for me, the biggest improvement in the pistol I see is the ease of cleaning, the lead comes out Soooo easy, I didn't do a accuracy test on the pistol.
The rifle, a DPMS 308, I shot some groups before and after the treatment, before at 200, three shot group was 1 1/4", after treatment at 200, three shot group was 3/4", part of the increase was do to the JP trigger I installed but not all, cryo works! and it'll extend the life of the barrel


I was very pleased with Davids work. He's very accommodating


Cryo barrel.
David treated this G4 G17 before it was fired and this is what the barrel looks like after 7,800 rounds fired.

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The sound of my system has transformed completely, soundstage is bigger, top to bottom front to back, having everything treated like this is not subtle. The presentation sounds more relaxed/effortless but with a greater dynamic range, very engaging. Leading and trailing edges have gained an uncanny natural attack and decay respectively. Listening to a live performance for example it is very easy to get lost in the performance, one begins to feel part of the audience.
Cajun Cryogenics offer old school attention and service, I entrusted David with several thousand dollars worth of audio equipment and valuable vintage vacuum tubes, everything I can say was looked after as if it was his own.

Cryoed Equipment - RGPC400 Pro, Logitech Transporter, Musical Fidelity V-Dac,Nelson Audio 65i - 50watt Tube Amplifier (Tung Sol 6550's RCA12ax-12au7's) Ecosse Maestro MA1 Interconnects, Alpha Goertz Python speaker cables, Quad Esl 63 speakers.
Mark Ashley
New Orleans
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Re: Cryo testimonials and feedback

Cajun Cryogenics
My latest testimonial is from one of my best customers, Eric Lane (Gerry Lane enterprises)

After shooting some of his guns he noticed that one of them was not dirty, he thought at first that there was something wrong with the solvent but he then realized that it was a gun I processed. He was amazed at how clean the gun stayed after shooting, this is due to the smoothing of the metal surface. after Eric was done shooting he called me and then brought me the other guns he had not yet processed.
Eric told me he was very happy with the process and would be happy to talk to anyone who wanted to know about it. So if you would like to hear from someone who has done a good bit of work with me let me know and I will get you in touch with him.

Lately I have been processing many ATV and other automotive parts including transmissions, ring and pinions, valve springs, rotors, brake pads and clutches. Have seen some good results from the brake pads from one racer who says he can hold the brakes and extra 2k RPM before launch and they have already lasted longer than his last set and they still look new.