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Can anyone provide me with information on this.
by Dorothy Conklin • | | 1 comment
John just wanted to say Thank You. My husband and I both took your Concealed Carry Class today and enjoyed it very much. It was fun and informative. I especially enjoyed the range time you guys were great.. I would definitely recommend On Target to everyone who wants to get their carry permit..

Tiger Stripes all over the place!!!!

in Gun Coatings and Customization
by John@OT • | | 0 comments
It seems that recently we've been doing more tiger stripe coatings. It all started when a customer came and and asked for a two color tiger stripe job on his new Browning semi-auto shotgun. Then there was a few more, then more and more..... plus we just got another one in from California. Yi...read more

Concealed Handgun Class

in Comments, Compliments & Complaints
by LadyD2010 • | | 3 comments
I would like to thank John for teaching such an informative and excellent CHP class. My fiancé and I took the class today and gathered a great deal of knowledge from this class. We felt extremely comfortable with the class and range time. Also, John was super helpful with helping us at the range...read more

CETME .308 Build-Up

in The Armory - Project Guns, Repairs & Customizing
by John@OT • | | 5 comments
One of our police officer customers brought us a most gloriously banged up beater of a Century Arms CETME in .308 caliber. It had the wooden stocks on it and looked like either a ten pound sledge hammer or an M1 Abrams tank got ahold of it.... well, looking at at first glance it doesn't look tha...read more

Pachmayr slip on grip for Glock 17

in The After Market
by John@OT • | | 4 comments
I have tried a Hogue slip on grip on my XD40 and never had too much issue with it moving around on my gun. I knocked it around sometimes and had to straighten it, but it wasn't very often. I switched recently to a Glock 17 as my concealed carry gun and decided to try the Pachmayr slip on grip. I...read more

Mouse Gun TWINS

in The Mouse Trap - Small & Affordable Guns
by John@OT • | | 2 comments
Anyone that knows me can honestly say that I am not a gun snob. I enjoy owning and shooting all kinds of guns: big ones, small ones, quiet ones, loud ones, expensive ones and CHEAP ones. When the summer time comes around, I like to travel light especially if I'm outdoors with the kids. My helper...read more

My NEW Glock

in Gallery of Guns
by John@OT • | | 2 comments
Every now and then, I get the urge to own another gun. For me, it happens quite often. I guess I wouldn't be much of a gun enthusiat if I didn't. I have my own unique tastes when it comes to firearms and what I'm in the mood for varies from time to time. I have been carrying a ported Springfield...read more

Shooting Clinics

in GUN INSTRUCTION & Concealed carry
by Darryl • | | 2 comments
I just came from a clinic with John and Jerry from On Target Guns at Southern Shooters Center and I was very impressed with the Quality of instruction and the Friendliness with which they handed their pupils. From taking this class I realized how unprepared and unskilled I was with my gun. Going...read more

Howa 1500 - Pink Death from afar

in The Armory - Project Guns, Repairs & Customizing
by John@OT • | | 1 comment
Jenny and Scott met us at the gun show and dropped off her factory Howa 1500 with a grand plan for customization. This is Jenny's rifle and she gets to do whatever she wants with it and let me tell you, she has one heck of a cool vision for her rifle. First off, she handed me over a pink and bla...read more
by John@OT • | | 5 comments
Hello everyone! We have a lot of new things happening and I just wanted to share some of that here in the forums. We have a lot of really cool project guns in the works and some long-term projects that are moving along and nearing completion. We are taking more pics lately and want to share ...read more

My Father's Day Gift!!!

in The Black Powder Den
by John@OT • | | 0 comments
My girls gave me a few gifts for Father's Day and my favorite was a muzzle loader start up kit. Now I can't wait to get to the range and put it to use. I'll be using Pyrodex for my first time firing my Bobcat. The kit comes with a lot of goodies and some or for an inline gun. My gun is a spani...read more

American Mosques: Terror's Headquarters

in News
by John@OT • | | 1 comment
"This is an article (too short for the subject it covers) that I found on TownHall.com. It covers how American Mosques are being used to spread a jihad mentality throughout the muslim community." ARTICLE: How’s this for a wake-up call: America’s most cherished c...read more

Business Owner Shoots Armed Robber and is Arrested for MURDER

in Gun Rights
by John@OT • | | 6 comments
This is a story about a pharmacist who shot one of the two armed thugs that attempted to rob his store. He was recently convicted of the murder of the suspect he shot. Please remember that with the way our country is headed, no innocent, law abiding citizen is safe from a prosecuter. We must...read more

Important News: Politician Speaks the TRUTH - VIDEO

in News
by John@OT • | | 0 comments
This is to help inform all Americans about what abuses our politicians are committing against the Constitution while we are snoozing on the couch and watching sports on TV while stuffing our faces. These are some video links that I feel will help you to discover things on your own and wake u...read more

Browning .300 Win Mag Bolt-Action Rifle - Cavin's Baby

in The Armory - Project Guns, Repairs & Customizing
by John@OT • | | 2 comments
Not too long ago we were brought a unique challenge. A customer showed up at the shop with a Browning rifle chambered in .300 Win Mag. The gun had been in a safe that had been in a house fire. There was no stock, but everything else was in the case. Someone had previously tried to sand the ruine...read more

Draco - AK-47

in The Armory - Project Guns, Repairs & Customizing
by John@OT • | | 0 comments
We recently had the chance to build up a Draco for an old police buddy of mine. He said it was love at first sight once he seen it in its final form. We went with a custom "Dragon Scale" finish that we mix up in-house. It's a very durable finish that can handle the high temps of a MAPP...read more

First OFFICIAL On Target Stickers are HERE!!!

in On Target Announcements
by John@OT • | | 0 comments
We wanted to let everyone know that the On target stickers are in and ready to roll out. We'll have them available in the "On target Store" on the website, at the shop and at gunshows. Thanks to all of you who have been fussing at me to get off my butt and get some On Target mercha...read more

Big Guns are for Ladies Too!

in The Ladies Room
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
Here's my wife Rachel posing with a nice AR-15 with a U.S. Military isuue bayonet. I love that bayonet. Rachel; thought it was pretty cool that I could stab the blade into a wooden table top and the point of the blade held the entire gun upside down sticking straight up out from the table. T...read more

Louisana Concealed Carry Permit Laws & Rules

in GUN INSTRUCTION & Concealed carry
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
Louisiana Rule Booklet for Concealed Carry LRS 40:1379.3 §1379.3. Statewide permits for concealed handguns; application procedures; definitions A.(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the deputy secretary of public safety services of the Department of Public Safety a...read more

Something Different

in Gun Coatings and Customization
by On Target LLC • | | 2 comments
We are building an AK-74 for a customer who has a liking for different looking guns. In other words, he does not want all of his firearms looking the same. I wanted to use this particular rifle as an example of something different. As a New Orleans resident, the guns' owner knows that there won'...read more

The AK-47 - Past, Present and Future

in The Library
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
The AK-47 From then to now! Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov is the most famous living gun designer in the world, and his machine gun, the AK-47, is the most famous gun in the world. He was born on November 10, 1919, in the village of Kurya, in Alma-Ata, in Kazakhstan, to a large peasant ...read more

You Tube for On Target

in On Target Announcements
by On Target LLC • | | 0 comments
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih8Hfoy4QZ4&feature=player_profilepage That's right folks! We have finally finished up the details and have our youtube channel up and running. Our first video is a collection of scenes from our LEVEL ONE course. If you'd like to get in on our next Level One c...read more

On Target's NEW Logo

in On Target Announcements
by On Target LLC • | | 4 comments
This is our new logo and we'd love to know if you like it. Let us know if you think the old logo should stick around, or maybe if you like one of my other NEW designs... I'll post them here for you all to check out. This is our old logo. We plan on keeping around as an "employee only...read more
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